Me llamo LENDA y esta es mi historia:

Nací el 29 de julio de 1995

Por supuesto soy una hembra

Trabajo recibiendo a las visitas, ahuyentando a los extraños, y recogiendo la fruta de los árboles.

Mis hobbies son pasear, ladrar, jugar con mis humanos y, sobre todo, mantener mi bodeguita en orden detrás del manzano.

Mi mayor deseo sería caminar a dos patas para que dejasen de confundirme con un perro!

¡Mándame tu ficha y únete a mi Club!

Lenda ha llenado de felicidad a Marta Cagiao&Jaime Martinez

My name is LENDA and these are my details:

I was born on July-29th of 1995

Of course, I'm a female

I work meeting our friends at home, keeping strangers out and collecting our fruits from trees.

My hobbies are have a walk, play with my humans at home and, over all, care my little cellar in order behind the apple tree.

My bigger wish would be walk on two legs so all the people could see that I'm not a dog!

Send me your details and join to my Club!

Lenda full-filled Marta Cagiao&Jaime Martinez's lifes with happyness


Our very honorable and oldies members

Sara Blossom Here the Next One!
Birth: 3- december-1994

Sex: Bitch. Also known as Ch. Madness da Quinta D'Abroeira

Known age: 14

Job: Recycler, check comfortabilty of beds, sofas and carpets

Hobbies: Just eat, sleep and barks a lot

A wish: A hot water bed only for me

Birth: 26-july-1995

Sex: Bitch. Also known as Osa del Atico

Known age: 13

Job: Care my toys, sheepdogs and my human family

Hobbies: Play with toys, run, swim and eat as much fruit from trees as I can

A wish: A big ball that I could eat and never end!

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Proudly owned by Bim-Bom-Bam Proudly owned by Bim-Bom-Bam  
Abby BJ DU2sm

Abby is Bizzeeboots Ambitous Abby Abler, enjoying life as a grand ma lived until over 14


BJ  is CH. Bizzeeboots Norwegian Wood, still here at the age of 13 ½ and doing well


DU2sm is CH. Searwell Duchess Lady day , our foundation bitch enjoying old age as a couch potato.

She lived until 13 ½


Proudly owned by Edy Dykstra-Blum

Proudly owned by Edy Dykstra-Blum Proudly owned by Edy Dykstra-Blum
Misty Pup Shu

Misty is CH Bizzeeboots Ocean’s Mystic, still here at the age of 12 ½  running wild as a youngster


Pup is CH. Bizzeeboots Chelsea Queen, a great producer and a fun girl lived until 15


Shu is CH Bizzeeboots Lucy in the Sky , lovely silly girl , who took care of her daughter until the end, she lived until 14.


Proudly owned by Edy Dykstra-Blum Proudly owned by Edy Dykstra-Blum Proudly owned by Edy Dykstra-Blum
Tinkerbell Flairtje Harry

Tinkerbell is 13 3/4 yrs old.  She loves to sleep alot!  When she's not sleeping on her very own sheepskin or on her back on the kitchen floor, she's begging for a bone or some attention.  Tink has some health issues.  She has been incontinent since she was around 6 and for the past year, she has had a much harder time getting up, but with patience and persistance and now medication, she manages or waits for mommy's helping hands for a little lift.  Tink gave up on deck stairs about a year ago, but still manages the carpeted indoor stairs.  She had her very own handicap ramp built off of the deck, but she still prefers to use the garage door and front yard now.  She doesn't wander very far..  Just goes out for a good sniff, a little walk and a little business.  Tink's mommy makes a lot of adjustments to make her life as easy as possible and even provides "in house company" for pet sitting when mommy goes out of town.  Sometimes that means that Grandma comes to hang out with me (and travels by plane to do so!).  Yea.. she's a little spoiled!

My name is Flairtje  , Cathy’s Clown my Flair Lady

I was born on January-16th of 1993

 I live in the Netherlands with  Rosita Guérand

I have 1 BIG passion, and that is our Cat “Turbo” 
Every day I clean her with my big tongue. §:~)))


Birth:  May 1, 1995

Sex: Male

Job:  Try to stay inconspicuous, so I don't have to go for long walks ... I'm a couch potato.

Hobbies: I love to eat, sleep and go for rides.  I want to be right where everyone else is ... I'm a true Velcro dog.

A wish:  I wish all dogs could be rescued into nice homes like my last one.  I was a show dog for 2 years and after an operation I was sold.  My second owners just didn't want me around after 5 years.  My "furever" home loves me and I wish all orphaned dogs to be so lucky to have someone to take care of them and love them.

Proudly owned by Fiona Bowen

Proudly owned by Rosita Guérand Proudly owned by Paula Frasier
BB Sebastian Winston
Birth: 12-2-1994, 12 years old a rescue
came to live with me when he was 10 years old.

Sex: Male

Job: Eating and keeping the younger sheepie sin line

Hobbies: eating, sleeping by his special tree in the yard

Birth: 4-7-1988

Sex: Male

I rescued him when he was 13 years old and he lived another 3 years

Job: Loved to herd our goats

Hobby: catching Frisbee

Birth: 4-31-1992

Sex: Male

I was there when he was born

14 years old

Proudly owned by Ingrid Thomson Proudly owned by Ingrid Thomson Proudly owned by Ingrid Thomson
Alba Fizz Emily
Birth:    06 de Marzo de 1993

Sex: Bitch

Known age: 14

Job: Care of her son Paul and her daughter Jacqueline

Hobbies: Taste different foods, sleep and barks a lot

A wish: See her son and daghter well-educated

Birth: 26- february -1994

Sex: Bitch. Also known as Ch. Babiton Bucks Fizz

Known age: 13

Job: This is something everyone else do for me!

Hobbies: I love posing, drive myself over the end of the sofa, just like a cat, being always the centre of attention. I'll do anything for a treat!

A wish: To be everyone's friend

Official name: Forever Emily aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

Born: 8-4-1993

Job: take care of the OES-clan at home. Barking like a seal :-)

Hobby: being a "great personality"

Mother of 4 litters.

Proudly owned, spoiled, and very much loved by Inge van Engelen, YOUANDI OES.

Proudly owned by Asun and Ramon of Widow's Kennel Proudly owned by Tracey Gould Proudly owned  by Inge van Engelen
Raggles Fanny Náná

Official name: Youandi Femme Fatal

Born: 26-5-1995

Job: stealing food, opening the trash can, doing anything for a cuddle

Hobby: playing as a youngster in the forrest with her friend Bo-Ghy. Sleeping on the couch

Mother of 3 litters

Proudly Breed, owned, spoiled and very much loved by Inge van Engelen, YOUANDI OES

Official name: Ch. Port. SeaLords Breakfast at Tiffany's

Born: 16-05-1996

Fanny is the first Champion of the SeaLords kennel, and so she is very special.

Job: She still likes to bark at strangers and small dogs, and doesn't like to be left behind when we play ball.

Hobby: When she is happy she shakes all of herself (not just her butt) and "laughs".

Official name: SeaLords Back to the Future

Born: 16-05-1996

Náná is behind all SeaLords dogs of the present, so she is also very special.

Job: Unknown

Hobby: What she mostly likes is sleeping on the couch (or on the bed, with her head on the pillow...)

Proudly owned  by Inge van Engelen Proudly owned  by Isabel Alves Proudly owned  by Isabel Alves